The amazing Matt Gonzalez campaign…

The amazing Matt Gonzalez campaign for mayor in San Francisco

From Patrick, a truly amped Green from L.A. who just returned from volunteering for the Gonzalez campaign in S.F., comes this wonderful inspired rant.

You gotta see the Gonzalez campaign headquarters. It’s a freakin’ beehive of volunteers, all energized, all heart, mostly young, all busting their asses to get a true Progressive elected mayor of The City. At any one time, there’s a hundred volunteers in the office, and at least 500 more out working The City. There’s THREE rooms of phone-bankers going! They got a full-time vegan chef!  They got live musicians playing in the campaign office to keep the staffers going!

And about those staffers… how do I say this non-offensively? Okay, I’ll just say it. Frankly, most of the guys and girls on Gonzo’s campaign staff are kinda, well… hot. Seriously. I’m not joking. Like, really, REALLY hot.

I swear, this Gonzo guy is a rock star. He’s a Green debating champ, who plays bass, writes poetry, wears a borrowed suit, rides the goddamn BUS (!) to City Hall every day, and he RENTS a freakin’ apartment (!). He’s like your cousin Nick, only he’s brilliant, principled, Green, and he’s gonna be MAYOR!  What more do you want?!

Gonzo’s opponent (this hand-chosen, millionaire rubber blow-up doll named Gavin Newsom) is outspending Gonzo 20 to 1. Newsom’s staff looks like an army of Mormons. Many of them are actual GOP functionaries. And, of course, they’re ALL paid. And guess what?  Gonzo is STILL working Newsom like a rented Huffy.  There’s “Gonzalez for Mayor” signs popping up in front windows all over The City like wildflowers. I swear, I’ve never seen anything like it. And certainly not for a Green candidate.

The Newsom campaign is running on fumes and lies and money and more lies and more money. Here’s how desperate he is: he’s flying Al Gore in to stump for him! You believe that shit? They can’t find a single person in San Francisco who likes Newsom, so they gotta drag in a dude from Tenesssee!

December 9th is election day, guys. That’s just two weeks from now. So go now.  Take a bus. Hitchhike. Talk a friend into driving you. Cash in your frequent flyer miles. Rideshare off Craig’s List. Steal your roommate’s car. Jack a Vespa. Just go.

Go. Go. Go.

Why are you still reading this? Go!

This campaign has huge buzz, a massive energized volunteer base, and is in striking distance of pulling off a stunning political upset.

Join them!

Matt for Mayor!