Google spanks those trying to…

Google spanks those trying to trick it

Google blocks ‘optimized’ pages

For the past few years, webmasters have found tricks that bring their page higher for a given keyphrase search. Google recently implemented a filter to block sites that appeared to be tricking it into gaining a higher ranking.

Among other things, I do website promotion; helping sites get listed in search engines, and running pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. Some websites try all sorts of tricks to get higher rankings in Google, the 800 pound gorilla of the business. These tricks include multiple nearly identical sites linking to each other, creating “doorway” pages that are supposed to be optimized for one search phrase from one search engine, and other such ploys.

Well, Google just updated their algorithm, and sites trying such silly tricks suddenly found themselves nowhere to be found in the Google listings. And some  of them are howling.

Here’s a clue for them. Provide useful content for your users, do the few simple things that Google advises, stop trying to trick them – and your site will be ranked well. This is the advice of all reputable search engine consultants – it’s what I do for clients – and it works.

PPC advertising is also effective. One of my other specialities is converting ancient DOS database applications to Windows, and I use Google PPC to advertise. Type “Clipper migration” in Google and my ad appears at the top as a ‘featured link”. It also appears as the first Google entry, and that’s because my business website provides useful information about database migration.  If you do PPC ads correctly, they can be quite cheap, and very effective. My Google PPC ads cost about $40 a month and I get a steady stream of business from them.

A website that provides useful information, and which does a modest amount of PPC advertising, will be ranked well in Google. Tricks and devious ploys not needed.