And why are Californians leaving…

And why are Californians leaving the Democratic Party?

Because elected Democrats are gutless, that’s why.

Senate Democrats, in a reversal, join in vote to deny illegal immigrants in California the right to drive. The Assembly is expected to follow suit.

After years of struggle to win passage of the driver’s license legislation, the swift reversal by Senate Democrats — virtually all of whom voted for the bill only two months ago — stunned and angered some of the law’s supporters.

The Senate voted, 33 to 0, to repeal the law after only four minutes of debate.

Senate Democrats couldn’t even stand and fight for something they believed in. There was not even one symbolic No vote. Unbelievable. What useless, squishy marshmallows they are. It’s no wonder they got clobbered in the recall election.

PS A lawyer friend tells me the Dems voted this way because they have a nebulous agreement with Schwarzenegger that he may consider a compromise, rather than it going to an ballot initiative which they fear they might lose. But the agreement is quite vague, and there’s nothing stopping someone else from launching a ballot initiative. In short, they let down a lot of people who were relying on theml, and gained nothing by caving in.