Michael Jackson, sex, fame, the…

Michael Jackson, sex, fame, the US

Adam Curry 

“It’s interesting to examine a culture that mounts cameras on smart bombs to view the kill on the 6 o’clock news, but freaks out if a nipple of a [female] breast is flashed on TV.”

This is the same Adam Curry who was one of the first VJ’s on MTV. He now lives in Holland, is a high-tech media-savvy guy with a popular weblog, and has some quite intelligent things to say.

Michael Jackson my have a lifestyle different from yours, and for all I know he may be guilty as charged. We must however practice constraint when drawing conclusions and remember that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. In most countries, accused are only mentioned in Big Media by their initials, so as to protect the wrongly accused. Celebrities don’t seem to share many of these protections. And why it is neccesary to handcuff a man who is surrendering to police from his private jet is beyond me. Like he’s going to run down the tarmac and hi-jack another aircraft to escape. Puhleazze.

I’ve been receiving daily downloads of the Tonite Show and have followed Leno’s jokes. Every day he’s made hurtful accusatory jokes that insult Jackson to the core. These jokes probably are also very hurtful to victims of child abuse.

And the audience loves it. Let’s laugh about the sick fuck, so we don’t have to confront our own sins and frustration.

(Via Scripting News)