SF mayor race: Newson campaign…

SF mayor race: Newson campaign compares Green opponent to Jim Jones

The Gavin Newsom campaign is getting desperate. Y’see, he’s the hand-picked candidate of Willie Brown, the termed-out Mayor of San Francisco, and as such, should be coasting to victory. Yet Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez appears ahead in the polls.

Plus, vast hordes of Green volunteers will be arriving soon to help Gonzalez. In repsonse, the Newsom folks are getting, well, bizarre.

<An email from a Gavin field organizer to supporters> “compares Gonzalez to Jim Jones, whose cult attracted followers here from around the country. Chamberlain writes that the Jonestown mass suicide — the anniversary of which was Tuesday — demonstrated “the ultimate showcase of what we can accomplish if we all completely commit to an extreme, ideological, progressive leader.”

“Twenty-one days until you choose which Kool-Aid to drink,” it states.

What a bunch of doofuses!