Liberals fight back; pundits are…

Liberals fight back; pundits are shocked

The alarming rise in liberal aggression is now the subject of regular bulletins from pundits of varying persuasions and temperaments. As certain disquieting elements converge, portents of doom can no longer be ignored: The same progressives who once fit the wimp stereotype are answering back when attacked.

The same Democrats who could find no voice last year are bellowing now. The most outspoken challenger to George W. Bush is leading in key primary states. And certain liberal authors who rudely call a liar a liar are selling thousands of books.

To our op-ed philosophers, this eruption on the left seems unnatural, irrational and dangerous, like the sudden fury of Hitchcock’s bloodthirsty birds. They regard the “angry liberals” as a menace to the Republic and to themselves.

a) Get used to it! b) You ain’t seen nothing yet!!