US wants shoot-to-kill permission in…

US wants shoot-to-kill permission in Britain, gets shot down

Home Secretary David Blunkett has refused to grant diplomatic immunity to armed American special agents and snipers travelling to Britain as part of President Bush’s entourage this week.

Let’s hope our loony President doesn’t start giving shoot to kill orders here in the US, should some peace demonstrator offend his tender sensibilities.

In other news from Britian

Blair’s wife attacks Bush over international court

Cherie Booth, QC, the wife of the Prime Minister, has attacked President Bush over his opposition to the International Criminal Court, it was reported today.

Ms Booth, a leading human rights lawyer, said that Mr Bush’s argument for rejecting the court “is not well founded” and that without America on board, everyone stands to lose out, The Washington Post reported.

Bush ‘greatest threat to life’ on earth’: London mayor

Describing U.S. President George W. Bush as “the greatest threat to life on his planet”, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone on Tuesday, November 18, voiced support for protests against Bush’s visit to Britain.