Bush in London

Bush in London

‘He is just a foolish cowboy’

And he brings an entourage of 700 with him. That’s your tax dollars paying for this armed-to-the-teeth visit to an alleged friendly ally.

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British dislike Bush, not US, Times of London poll

The British public is not anti-American. Voters are hostile to President Bush. But repeated opinion polls have shown that people clearly distinguish between the current President and his Administration’s policies, and their underlying liking for Americans and the US. 
Three fifths of the public think that Mr Bush is “not very intelligent”, “not very well informed about the world”, and a danger to world peace. Moreover, more than half the public in the Newsweek poll do not have much or any confidence in the ability of the US to act responsibly as the world’s sole superp

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The Cost of Bush

GUARDIAN – Claiming that the cost of policing for the visit would add £2 to the average London council tax bill, [London mayor Ken] Livingstone said this morning: “I think most Londoners would be happy to give £4 for him not to come.”