Arnold reinvents history! Soviet tanks…

Arnold reinvents history! Soviet tanks invade Austria!!

From his inagural speech

“To an immigrant like me, who, as a boy, saw Soviet tanks rolling through the streets of Austria, to someone like me who came here with absolutely nothing, and gained absolutely everything, it is not fanciful to see this state as a golden dream,” he said.

Soviet tanks in Austria, huh? Jeez, Arnold must have been really stoned that day, or maybe he was thinking of Hungary – because no Soviet tanks have EVER rolled through the streets of Austria (as invaders, see below).

One wonders what he will make up next.

Update: A reader mentions in the comments that Russian tanks entered Austria in 1944. However they were viewed by Austrians as =liberators=, not invaders, which makes Schwarzenegger’s comment even more deceptive. Plus, he was born in 1947…