Bush deeply frightened by London…

Bush deeply frightened by London visit

There will be more armed men on the streets of London this week than at any time since the end of the Second World War, say government and security sources policing George W Bush’s four days in Britain.

Up to 250 agents from the US secret service will be allowed, under a previously unknown Anglo-American agreement, to carry guns.

Ah yes, George Bush, who says he’s for democracy and openness, turns every place he travels to into an armed camp. Actions speak louder than words, don’t they?

<The US > made substantial demands, some of them accepted, but the more outrageous courteously deflected by the Palace.

“They wanted to make structural changes to the Queen’s home and this was never going to happen,” said the aide.

“Agents brought in structural engineers who said walls must be strengthened and the blast-proof glass replaced with something stronger. They were obsessed, and still are by the threat of an attack from the air.”

Maybe they should look under the beds too, who knows, there could be a grue or a commie hiding under one of them… And I hear leprechauns can be quite ferocious and, who knows, one may have snuck over from Ireland.

Then again, maybe Bush and his handlers now dimly understand that hundreds of millions, no make that billions, of people across the globe dislike him and disbelieve what he says. He has managed, through a clever mix of arrogance, greed, and stupidity, to make himself the most loathed person on the planet — quite an accomplishment when you think about it.

The Stop the War Coalition in London, whose logo appears here, is preparing a huge protest and if authorities are dimwitted enough to not allow a march to Parliament, then chaos can be predicted with absolute certainty.