Soros says Zionism can create…

Soros says Zionism can create anti-Semitism

When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, Soros, who is Jewish, said European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States.

“There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that,” Soros said. “It’s not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I’m critical of those policies.”

The original title of this article from Jewish Times, was “Soros blames Jews for anti-Semitism”, which is misleading, at best. Soros is not blaming Jews, he is blaming Zionist policies of Israel and the U.S. Saying he is blaming Jews is akin to saying Christians are responsible for the bellicose policies of George Bush, which is obvious nonsense.

Predictably the right wing is foaming in impotent rage against this multi-billionaire currency speculator. Soros is their worst nightmare. Old enough, wealthy enough, that he cares little what people think of or do to him, he is now completely focused defeating George Bush in 2004.