SBC, rot in Hell …!

SBC, rot in Hell …!

Today I received 4 unsolicited phone calls from SBC, my phone company.  I asked each time to be taken off their calling list, obviously to no avail. Finally I called SBC support, had them add me to their Do-Not-Call list and … got another unsolicited phone call from them 5 minutes later. Oh yes, last night they called me on my cell phone after getting the number from my answering machine at home.

This is predatory telemarketing by a company who apparently thinks pestering people will result in sales. So, I filed a complaint about them with the National Do Not Call registry.

The company doing their calling appears to be the ITC Group, who were dumb enough to not turn off caller id, thus allowing me to get their phone number. Now the Do Not Call registry has it.

Complaints do work. About two years ago the Daily News in Los Angeles called so often, I wrote a complaint to FCC. Months later I got a written apology from them, so FCC must have spanked them.  And they’ve not called since.

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