Handy web tools

Handy web tools

Google News Alerts
Tell News.Google.com what news topic you wish to follow and it will send the news once a day or as it happens. I’m currently tracking “George Soros”.

Use Yahoo disposable addresses to avoid spam
Getting spammed? Create a disposable address at Yahoo. Use it to sign up for things at websites. If it starts getting filled with spam, kill the address and create another one.

Yahoo Calendar
You can sync many PC calendars with Yahoo Calender, which is certainly handy. However I’ve just concluded, why bother with a PC calendar when I can do it all on the web and never need sync again. Plus Yahoo Calendar has an reminder option that notifies you via email or text messaging to a cell phone. Plus, I can view the calendar on my cell phone. Way cool.

Google Toolbar
This adds onto your browser so you can easily search Google, however it also has an amazingly handy tool to fill in forms on webpages. You enter your name, address, email, credit card info, etc. just once. When you are at a website form requiring any or all of them, simply just click the Google toolbar button to fill in the form! Credit card info is password protected.

Spam killers
I use Cloudmark SpamNet, which puts me on their net of many thousands of users, and therein lies the strength. When you mark email as spam it notifies the SpamNet servers, which then blocks that spam for all the users. It’s simple to set up, my stats currently show 22,779 blocked emails out of 56,823.

It only works on Outlook so far. They have a free trial version for Outlook 2000 and above and a free beta version for Outlook Express.