The Midnight Special reopens!

The Midnight Special reopens!

The Midnight Special, a much beloved left wing bookstore in Santa Monica, has reopened in their new location! It was forced to vacate from the now trendy Third Street Promenade due to yuppification and staggeringly high rents and would have died, except for a devoted staff and equally devoted customers, many of whom pitched in money to help in the relocation.

It’s always been more than a bookstore, it’s a gathering place, a hub, for the left in L.A. They provided a space for poetry reading, film series, book readings, Linux groups, political organizing, and more. It was a blow when they closed, but now, yes!, they are back. 

From their newsletter

It’s Thursday, November 6 and we are finally OPEN. We hope to see ALL of you as soon as you can get here.

We’re at 1450 2nd Street in Santa Monica, between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd.  Hours are 10:30 – 9:00 Sunday – Thursday, and 10:30 – 10:00 on Friday and Saturday.

Thank you for waiting for us; for encouraging us; for supporting us.  You are the reason we are back!!

I’ll be there Sunday and will buy a passel of books. Because, y’know, big chains just don’t have the selection the Midnight Special has. Seriously!