Jessica had amnesia

Jessica had amnesia

Writing history

A short item in the San Jose Mercury News today provides some startling news: “Jessica Lynch biography reveals rape by Iraqis.”

Wow, you say, I thought Jessica Lynch had amnesia and doesn’t remember a thing about what happened to her. Right you are – “Lynch has no memory of the rape”; the author of her “authorized biography” makes this claim based on “the scars on Lynch’s battered body and the medical records [which] indicate she was raped.”

Now I have no idea of Jessica Lynch was raped; maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. Considering that she was severely injured in a vehicle accident, however, I find it very hard to believe that any scars on her body prove or even suggest that she was raped, and I find it even harder to believe that Iraqi doctors swabbed her vagina for semen, found positive traces, verified that it wasn’t from any of the men in Lynch’s platoon, and put that fact in her medical records.


Update: A reader comments

Regarding what you blogged today, Bob:  I think that the POW in the Iraqi War #1 was raped too — as were some of the men?  I think rape is a risk of war, it happens all of the time.  There is a large worldwide women’s movement to make rape a war crime, after all of the group rape that occurred in Bosnia.  And that idea — of it being a war crime it is being strongly resisted by armed forces in a number of countries.  And stuff has been coming out recently about Americans’ mistreatment of POW’s.  So it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that she was raped.  I’m glad that she’s said the rest is mostly made up by the Pentagon.  She sounds like an honest woman.

She may have been raped, and rape should absolutely be a war crime, in fact I’m appalled it’s not. The article, I think, makes a plausible case that actual proof this happened is lacking — and we all know how the Bushies love to spin propaganda lies.