Jessica bashes US military

Jessica bashes US military

US hero Private Jessica Lynch has slammed the American government for exaggerating the account of her ‘rescue’ from Iraqi captors.

The 20-year-old said “it hurt” for the Pentagon to make claims about the rescue operation that were not true.

And she said it was “wrong” for the US government to use her as a “symbol” for the war.

It appears Jessica Lynch has considerable steel in her backbone, no doubt to the consternation of propaganda writers in the White House who wished to manipulate her to their own end. Will they attack her credibility? Sure.


Iraqi doctors say rape claim is not credible

Dr. Mahdi Khafazji, an orthopedic surgeon at Nasiriyah’s main hospital performed surgery on Lynch to repair a fractured femur and said he found no signs that she was raped or sodomized.

Khafazji, speaking at his private clinic in Nasiriyah, said he examined her extensively and would have detected signs of sexual assault. He said the examination turned up no trace of semen.

Dr. Khafazji said Lynch was taken first to the Military Hospital, a few hundred yards from the ambush site at around 8 a.m., about an hour after the attack. A few hours later, she was brought to his hospital.

“She was injured at about 7 in the morning,” he said. “What kind of animal would do it to a person suffering from multiple injuries?”

“When she was brought there she was fighting for her life,” said Dr. al-Saeidi at his private clinic. “She was in shock because of the severity of her injury.”

He said Lynch was fully clothed with her field jacket buttoned up. “Her clothes were not torn, buttons had not come off, her pants were zipped up,” al-Saeidi said.

Remember, these same Iraqi doctors performed heroically and unquestionably saved Lynch’s life. By all accounts, including the US military, she was given the best medical care they could provide. They have no reason to lie about this that I can discern, especially with Saddam no longer in power.