The mortars that “seemed” to…

The mortars that “seemed” to attack

While the vote was being rocked in Boston, the US compound was being mortared in Baghdad. Three big blasts were ignited by mortars although the New York Times headline would only go so far as saying “Blasts Seem Aimed at U.S. Compound.”

Seemed? This headline prompted the ever-vigilant Daniel Patrick Cassidy, himself once a news assistant at the newspaper of record, to wonder: “That ‘seems’ seems objective. Perhaps the mortars were aimed at the 12 Samoan Coalition troops holding a Stoly-sponsored Farewell Vodka Luau for 300 Ukrainian Coalition Troops in the parking lot?”

Hmmm, the possibilities are endless. “Antiwar protests seem aimed at Bush”. “Helicopter seems to have been hit by enemy fire”. “The NY Times seems to be a quite silly newspaper”.