A stand-up guy

A stand-up guy

Martin McGuinness vowed he would “rather die” than reveal the names of IRA colleagues after he was threatened with legal action for refusing to co-operate with the Bloody Sunday inquiry yesterday.

McGuiness has been called the “IRA godfather of godfathers” and was  “second-in-command of the IRA in the city at the time of the tragedy.” He is now an elected member of Parliament.

Some history. “On January 30, 1972, soldiers from the British Army’s 1st Parachute Regiment opened fire on unarmed and peaceful civilian demonstrators in the Bogside, Derry, Ireland, near the Rossville flats, killing 13 and wounding a number of others.” One died later, making 14 murdered. This was Bloody Sunday.

On his second day of evidence the Sinn Fein chief negotiator remained defiant on providing the inquiry with the necessary information on IRA weapons dumps and the names of IRA members on Bloody Sunday.

He asked: “Am I going to be the only person in prison as the result of the murders of 14 people and the wounding of 13 others on Bloody Sunday?”