Baghdad bombs kill at least…

Baghdad bombs kill at least 43, injure 230

US President George W. Bush has vowed to stay the course in Iraq, after a series of bold attacks around the Iraqi capital killed 43 people and wounded more than 200 in the deadliest day for two months.

The five morning attacks which plunged the capital into terror and sparked worldwide condemnation were launched with two simultaneous blasts at the police stations in Al-Bayaa and Al-Dora, south of Baghdad.

Within barely an hour, explosions also rocked the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) office, and three other police stations in the capital.

In response, Dubya, who must be drinking again, said the ferocity of the attacks were because we are winning. Uh huh…

At the White House, Bush said the escalating attacks were a reaction to US successes on the ground.

Should someone tell him the US is nowhere close to winning, that things get appreciably worse everyday? Will reality ever intrude into his little plastic PR bubble?

Six months ago much of the public either believed what Dubya said or gave him the benefit of the doubt. However his evasions, mistruths, and lies have become so blatant and obviously untrue that his credibility, judging from recent polls, is dropping precipitously and many who used to believe him no longer do.