Attention spammers!

Attention spammers!

1) I am, in fact, already happy with the proportion and size of certain of my body parts and am unclear why lengthening would be of any appreciable benefit, if indeed this could be done – which of course it can not.

2) Concurrent with the above, I am not in the market for Viagra, and most especially, not in the market for “Viagra substitutes”, whatever that might be.

3) Absolutely, if I was going to re-fi my condo, a quite important financial decision, I would certainly do it with anonymous companies who tell me ten times a day, generally with misspelled words and grammar errors, why I should rely on them. 

4) Sending me the exact same email twenty times using a different phony name each time does not inspire my confidence in you nor does it fool me. This is especially true as I have six active email accounts, thus I get the same email with twenty different phony addresses at all six email accounts. Thanks so much…

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