US shocked at Iraq hotel…

US shocked at Iraq hotel attack

Up to eight rockets were fired at the Hotel Rashid

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has admitted that the US did not expect that American forces would face such intense and sustained attacks in Iraq. 

U.S. colonel dies in Iraqi attack

Car bomb hits Baghdad Red Cross

We invade a country and are shocked when people organize and fight back?

The Washington Post, “the company paper in a company town”, yet again, is doing their “reporting” from White House press releases.

With an audacious rocket attack Sunday on the al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, Iraqi resistance fighters showed again how a strike against a high-profile target can overshadow weeks of slow progress and create the impression that the Bush administration lacks a plan for securing the country, military commanders and defense analysts said.

a) There has been no slow progress, to the contrary, things have been getting steadily worse, b) the rocket attack didn’t “create the impression” the Bushies are in over their head, it simply proved it. c) The Washington Post needs to stop rewording White House spin and calling it journalism.