I’m happily amazed

I’m happily amazed

As you probably know, groups stories by topic. As I write this, they have a group of stories about the DC/SF marches and rallies yesterday. The lead story for the section is from the International Action Center (IAC) website. For months, major media barely mentioned ANSWER. Now we’re featured in Google News.

A pleasant change, to be sure!

Some history. ANSWER was started within days after 9/11 because organizers assumed the US would use it as a pretext for invasion and war. They, of course, were correct. IAC and several other groups formed a coalition, ANSWER, to organize against these wars.

By the way, Google News topics and rankings are done entirely by computer algorithm, and not by people. Link popularity, who clicks what the most, is an important factor in the rankings. Therefore I conclude the International Answer website has been getting way more clicks-throughs than normal from Google sources, hence the IAC article popped to the top of Google News. Which, of course, gets it even more click-throughs.

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