Southern California wildfires

Southern California wildfires

On the bus ride back from the San Francisco demo last night, we passed dozens of fire engines, also headed South on I-5, and realized the fires must have gotten very bad indeed.

When fire companies come from hundreds of miles away to assist in a California fire, then you have one of those hellish firestorms that takes days, if not weeks, to put out.

Today is the worst of all possible conditions, with predicted 104 degree heat and strong, dry 50 mph Santa Ana winds in the canyons. The perfect (fire)storm…

By Thursday temperatures are supposed to drop to the mid 60’s (finally!), so that should help the fire fighters, as well as cool off a very hot Southern California.

PS From the roof of my three story condo building I see most of the east filled with smoke from the San Bernardino fire, which is at least 50 miles away, plus considerable smoke to the northwest from the much nearer Simi Valley fire. It is just past noon, already 93 degrees, and even here in the flatlands, the wind is dry and blowing at 25 mph.

AP is reporting that two San Bernardino fires have merged into one fire, which is precisely the worst possible thing to happen in the worst possible fire weather.