San Francisco demo

San Francisco demo

I’m exhausted! Twelve hours of bus rides and a march and rally in a 24 hour period. However I did want to get these photos up. There are more photos on my camblog — posters, street theatre, etc..

I worked the front of the march, as I usually do. For some reason  SFPD refused to do street closures, even though we had a permit. So we volunteers in the front had to run ahead, get in the streets, link arms, stop traffic, and motion for cars to take alternate routes.

Oddly, for this Los Angeles resident, it went smoothly. S.F. traffic barely grumbled, and we re-routed the cars with little trouble. Only one person screamed at us.  Therein lies the difference between the two cities. S.F. laughed and dealt with the traffic disruption. Had we tried blocking traffic at a Hollywood demo in Los Angeles, well, I’m thinking some of us would have been road kill. Non-Los Angeles residents reading this probably think I’m kidding…

The DC and SF simultaneous demos got excellent media coverage, and ANSWER is getting mentioned more and more. Good! While the demos themselves may be smaller than the monster rallies of last February, the media is steadily coming around the the view that the war(s) are disastrous and that Bush is an extremist.

Hey, at the beginning of this year, virtually no criticism of Bush appeared in major media. Now it’s everywhere. This is a sea change. Let’s keep the pressure on.