Where do they find these…

Where do they find these white trash generals?

Jeez, first we get a right wing loony General who says, referring to Islam, “My God is bigger than your idol” –now this

A Senate panel approved yesterday the controversial promotion of an Army general who commanded a base where a gay soldier was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat by other soldiers four years ago

Presidential candidate Howard Dean comments

Under Clark’s command, Private First Class Barry Winchell was brutally murdered by two of his comrades while he slept in his barracks because he was perceived to be gay. In the aftermath of this tragedy, MG Clark failed to take the necessary steps to curb the virulent anti-gay atmosphere that has been widespread throughout his tenure at Fort Campbell. Sadly, he has not even met with the parents of PFC Winchell, a young man who was trusted to his command.

Yet this general who apparently cared not at all that a gay man got beaten to death under his watch, just got promoted.

Howard Dean is the only candidate to my knowledge who has spoken out about this.