Congress slaps down Bush on…

Congress slaps down Bush on Cuba

The United States Senate has voted in favour of lifting a 40-year-old ban on Americans travelling to Cuba.

In a major rebuff to President George W Bush, Senators voted 59 to 36 to bar the use of government money to enforce the travel restrictions

Let’s see, the U.S. freely trades with three Communist countries; China, Vietnam, and Angola, and at least allows US citizens to travel to a fourth Communist country, North Korea. Yet we have still have decades old sanctions and restrictions against Cuba forbidding trade and travel. Why is this?

In case you think Bush might be suddenly struck sane, think again.

The White House has said Mr Bush will veto the bill if it is backed by Congress.

Translation: Without Florida, Bush has no chance of being re-elected. 

What’s really happening is the DC sharks smell blood in the water.

The Senate vote is a severe blow to the White House’s authority, forcing Mr Bush into a damaging public row with some of the most significant figures in his party.

Oh, Dubya brought a small army to Australia with him yesterday. I guess he’s scared the locals don’t like him. Actually, he’s correct.

An armed posse

Bush brought with him an entourage of about 650 people. Many of these people were armed. (Since the Port Arthur Massacre and its associated reaction, Australians have a deep revulsion against firearms outside of specific contexts, especially en masse.) I have heard reports that among the equipment brought over are included armored vehicles.

Oh yes, that’s our tax dollars paying for Bush to travel with 650 people.

But could Bush somehow get re-elected anyway?

Fox News declares Bush winner of 2004 election

Using exit poll data and statistical projections, Fox News Channel declared today that George W. Bush has won re-election as president of the United States in 2004.