Big adventures with heat resistant…

Big adventures with heat resistant window film (cont.)

This has been the hottest October ever recorded in L.A. In the area I live in it’s been over 100 degrees for most days this week. My home office is next to several large South-facing windows, so it can get hot during the day when I’m working, even with the central air on.

A while back I put heat resistant film on these windows. This helped enormously. However, this current heat wave is so extreme, I just replaced the old heat resistant film, which bloked about 55% of the heat, with new film that blocks 77%.

The difference is dramatic. It was 93 today. With the old heat film I would have pulled down the regular shades, closed the vertical blinds, and the air conditioning would still have kicked on by 10:30. By 3 pm it would be warm at my desk.

Instead, with the new film, I left the shades open (yes open!)and the air conditioning didn’t start until noon! By 3 pm it still quite pleasant by my desk. In fact I thought it must only be been 80 outside, rather than the actual temperature which was was 93.

Total cost $82!