Rumsfeld, as usual, blames everyone…

Rumsfeld, as usual, blames everyone but self

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is asking whether the country is doing enough to win the war on terrorism, citing “mixed results” in the fight against al-Qaida.

Mr. Rumsfeld made the remarks in a memo to senior defense officials last week. The memo was first reported by the newspaper USA Today. The memo says the Pentagon has not yet taken “truly bold moves” in the war against terrorism.

And what might “truly bold moves”? Nuking the Middle East? Instituting martial law here? Jailing people without trials, proof, or letting them see a lawyer. Oh wait, Rumsfeld’s already doing that last one, isn’t he? 

Mr. Rumsfeld said the Defense Department cannot change quickly enough to fight international terrorist groups, saying a new institution may be needed.

Hmm, the Department of Defense isn’t robust enough for Rumsfeld, eh, and something “new” is needed — his own private army, it sounds like. Why am I seeing double lightning bolts flash in front of my eyes?

But hey, there’s a better alternative than these lunatic plans! New leadership in D.C! Let’s get rid of the arrogant and deeply ineffective Rumsfeld, as he clearly is incapable of doing the job. I mean, he as much as admitted this when he said results were “mixed”, right? Behind all his strutting and imperiousness, Rumsfeld just not real competent, is he?