GoToMyPC is a great idea. Log into your home/office computer from anywhere, transfer files, run programs, etc. (PC Anywhere does this too, however it requires you carry and then install software, plus I’ve found Symantec software to be bloated and pokey.)

GoToMyPC allows you to access a PC from anywhere, no manual software installs needed. After setting it up on your computer,  you simply log into GoToMyPC with your password. It automatically logs you on to your computer. Then, and this is a nice touch, it asks you for another password, and that password is only stored on your computer, and not at GoToMyPC.

It’s simple to use, and I’m finding all sorts of purposes for it. Updating this weblog, making changes on clients websites, reading my email, all of this can easily be done from any computer. Plus you can transfer files, which, for a consultant like me, means I don’t have to burn a CD whenever I take a new database update to a client. I just log on my office PC from the client and transfer the files. (I also send the files to my yahoo email account as a back up.)
GoToMyPC has no trouble getting past my router and firewall, yet it is quite secure. The speed is surprisingly quick. They have a special now, one year in advance for $10 a month. Check it out.

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