Israelis hit Gaza with 5…

Israelis hit Gaza with 5 assaults; 11 dead, 100 wounded

These are civilian areas they are attacking.

Why is it terrorism when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonates on a bus but not terrorism when Israel fires missiles into a civilian area? Because that’s what Israel did today. Repeatedly.

But Israel’s Channel 10 TV said that none of the dead were militants, characterizing the refugee camp strike as a “mistake.”

Residents said one of the dead was a doctor who was treating victims when a second missile struck.

Some might even say that constitutes war crimes.

I do not follow the theory that Israel and Sharon are out of control and are somehow the tail wagging the U.S. dog. Nonsense. Dubya et al have given their ok for these attacks and they wouldn’t be happening without that approval.

Israel gets billions per year in U.S. military aid. Israel would not exist except for the backing of the U.S. military. Do you think they would do anything to deliberately piss of their benefactors?