US Marines accused of killing…

US Marines accused of killing prisoner

The US military has charged eight US marine reservists with brutal treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war that may have resulted in the death of one detainee.

Military prosecutors allege that an Iraqi man named Najim Sadun Hatab died at Camp Whitehorse in early June following a possible beating by US guards.

The most serious and sweeping accusations are being levelled against Major Clark Paulus.

He has been charged with negligent homicide, assault, cruelty and maltreatment, dereliction of duty and making false statements, Lisbon said.

Jeez, first we have a loony right wing idiot General saying we’re fighting Satan in the Middle East, now we may have beaten prisoners to death.

Bin Laden must be overjoyed — actions like these just send more recruits his way. His training camps must be overflowing now.

Purported bin Laden tape urges jihad

In a new audiotape aired Saturday, a voice purported to be Osama bin Laden vowed suicide attacks “inside and outside” the United States and threatened nations that are helping the American occupation of Iraq.