Grocery strikers in Koreatown

Grocery strikers in Koreatown

ANSWER LA brought about 30 people (plus food and coffee) to support strikers at a Ralph’s in Koreatown Tuesday tonight. Prior to that, at our regular Tuesday volunteer meetings, several of the strikers spoke.

They are fighting for survival. For example, currently if a worker needs chemotherapy, they keep their job. If management wins, a worker getting chemo could lose their job – and their medical benefits. Management also wants to stop pensions for some of the workers, like the boxers. These are such mean-spirited “proposals” that it’s clear these greedheads simply want to break the union.

So the workers, many of whom have never been on strike are out on the picket lines. The public appears to be on their side too. We at ANSWER sent out a press release about our joining the strikers and KFWB Newsradio was there, and Channel 7 gave it good coverage.

This was also the first day of the transit strike. Buses, rail, and subways stopped. The freeways approached gridlock. And this strike, like the grocery strike, could go on for weeks.

Textamerica now has a camblog about the strike, and I’ve posted photos there, and to my camblog too!