Bolivia’s right wing government blinks,…

Bolivia’s right wing government blinks, is now about to fall

Bolivia’s embattled government has appealed for calm as thousands of miners, peasants and farmers march toward La Paz to join a popular revolt as the death toll in clashes with troops hit 53.

A few days back the government was forced to back down on a plan to export natural gas to the US after tremendous demonstrations shut down the capital city. In other words, they blinked. The opposition, sensing victory, has increased the protests and demands. In just a few months, the government has gone from strutting macho and being Dubya’s lap dog to so weakened it is issuing statements like this

“We call (on the protesters) to stop being belligerent and not take part in violent confrontations,” presidential spokesman Mauricio Antezana appealed to the marchers.

Not exactly ruling with a fist of iron any more, are they? Tyrants often fall when the people come together as a unified force.