October 25: Mass march in…

October 25: Mass march in San Francisco and D.C.

Bring the troops home now
End the occupation of Iraq
Money for jobs, education & healthcare – Not war

This will coincide with the massive rally in DC the same day. Over 125 cities (so far) have organized caravans of buses going to DC. In addition, people will be arriving by plane from dozens of countries.

There will also be buses from LA to SF. The LA bus ride leaves at midnight on that Friday and returns midnight on Saturday. Hey, it’s the bus ride from Hell to be sure, but people get killed in Iraq every day, so what’s 10-12 hours on a bus?

The buses leave from LA City College where there is secure parking for $6.

You can buy LA to SF bus tickets online at the ANSWER LA website for $40.

SF march and rally

DC march and rally