It’s 87 right now in the San Fernando Valley of L.A. Just over the smallish Santa Monica Mountains from here, near the ocean, they’ve been complaining about the nonstop overcast weather. But not here.

Here in the Valley, summer still refuses to go away. After several months of nonstop clear skies and no clouds, I am TIRED OF WONDERFUL WEATHER. While 87 is considerably cooler than the 100 degree heat common in August and September (“But it’s a dry heat”, yeah right, so is Hell), I ask for weather that precludes me wearing shorts, sandals, and t-shirts continually.

Yes, I know for those of you who live where weather has actual variation, my attitude is just one more lunacy from that wacky state that elected Arnold. Nor do I have any desire to be scraping the ice off my windshield in Michigan in February (been there, done that, thanks). However this has been a long seriously hot summer and now it’s time for it to go away.

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