LA Times covers up Gray…

LA Times covers up Gray Davis violence on female staff

Paper put two hit teams on Arnold, zero hit team on Davis

From Jill Stewart

Since at least 1997, the Times has been sitting on information that Gov. Gray Davis is an “office batterer” who has attacked female members of his staff, thrown objects at subservients, and launched into red-faced fits, screaming the f-word until staffers cower.

Another woman, a policy analyst, had the unhappy chore in the mid-1990s of informing Davis that a fund-raising source had dried up. When she told Davis, she recounted, Davis began screaming the f-word at the top of his lungs. The woman stood to demand that he stop speaking that way, and, she says, Davis grabbed her by her shoulders and “shook me until my teeth rattled. I was so stunned I said, ‘Good God, Gray! Stop and look
at what you are doing. Think what you are doing to me!”‘

After my story ran, I waited for the Times to publish its story. It never did. When I spoke to a reporter involved, he said editors at the Times were against attacking a major political figure using anonymous sources. Just what they did last week to Schwarzenegger.