Israel’s date with a runaway…

Israel’s date with a runaway freight train

By Hasan Abu Nimah, former Ambassador Permanent Representative of Jordan at the United Nations and Ali Abunimah, co-founder of Electronic Intifada.

Israel may hope for a Syrian escalation to save it from an existential crisis that is hurtling towards it like a runaway train. It may hope that spreading the chaos from Iraq and the occupied territories to other countries will give it a free hand. But nothing can alter the fact that a Jewish minority, no matter how well armed and ruthless, will not be able to subjugate indefinitely even an impoverished and decimated Palestinian majority any more than a nuclear-armed white-ruled South Africa was able to survive against the determination of its “backward” black majority.

Will the international community face this stark truth and tackle it head on, or will it continue to pretend it can be disguised and deferred by wringing its hands and blaming the Palestinians?