Phhtt to you, Florida!

Phhtt to you, Florida!

A few weeks back, humorist Dave Barry worried that California might take the political nutcase crown back from his beloved home state of Florida. His fears were well-founded as California has just elected a testoterone-addled actor with no political experience as Governor. California, we are the champions!

What can we expect?

Train wrecks and more train wrecks. The Dems have solid majorities in both houses so Arnold won’t be able to get much passed. He says he’ll govern by getting propositions on the ballot to do what he wants done. However this takes huge time and money, is probably not feasible, and will just mean more train wrecks. Also, I expect people will discover Arnold is far more to the right than they thought.

California is in huge trouble financially, but not much will get accomplished. Lots of fireworks and train wrecks but little positive forward motion for California. Things are polarized and will become more so.

The California Democratic Party: Asleep at the wheel

Gray Davis was a dull hack skilled only at raising money and delivering the goods to donors. He took a perverse pride in campaigning with a “hold your nose and vote for me” platform. Finally, sickened by his corruption and ineptitude, people finally voted against him. Cruz looked good for about a week — until he started making ponderously dull and uninspired speeches — then it was all over for him.

Had the Democrats had the wits (and courage) to run a real candidate, someone who understood how pissed off people are, someone who wanted change too, they could have easily won this election.
Instead they’ve been tacking to the right for years, following the same braindead philosophy espoused by the Democratic Leadership Council – ignore the traditional base of labor, the working class, and minorities and instead try to get swing voters in the middle.

On Tuesday in California that base didn’t voting much. Why should they? The Dems have reaped what they sowed.

Democrats will stop suffering such humiliations the moment they start acting like Democrats again.