Reach out and touch a…

Reach out and touch a telemarketer

After the success of his first article providing the phone number of the American Teleservices Association, and the ensuing reaction by said organization, columnist Dave Barry attacks again, providing the ATA’s new phone number. Read all about it! (the number is 317-816-9336, long distance charges may apply).”

Dave Barry details how his first column, which printed the ATA phone number, caused much gnashing of teeth in the HQ of the demented trolls, er telemarketers.

The ATA received no warning about the article from Barry or anyone connected with him,” Searcy said. “. . . the Barry column has had harmful consequences for the ATA. An ATA staffer has spent about five hours a day for the past six days monitoring the voice mail and clearing out messages.”

That’s correct: The ATA received NO WARNING that it was going to get unwanted calls! Not only that, but these unwanted calls were an INCONVENIENCE for the ATA, and WASTED THE ATA’S TIME!

I just hope nobody interrupted the ATA’s dinner.

Golly, if several thousand people were rude enough to call the ATA again at 317-816-9336, they might have to change their phone number yet again.