Code Pink in Santa Monica…

Code Pink in Santa Monica – Sunday

Green Parrty activist Lisa Taylor holds a poster done by the ever-talented Cara Scissoria at the protest at Arnold campaign HQ in Santa Monica.

The protest was um, spirited, as there were some
seriously lummoxed-brained Arnold supporters who came close to
physically threatening Code Pink people. One particularly obnoxious
member of the Arnold cadre spat on me. At one point he was inches away
from two middle-aged women screaming in their face they were too ugly
to grope. Is this what California can look forward to if Arnold is

So, as a diversion, I started chanting “Achtung” at
them which did two things. 1) It diverted them from Code Pink women to
me, 2) backed them off and quieted them down. Should I not have stooped
to their level, if indeed I did? I dunno, but I did find some of the
Arnold people theatening and felt they needed to be backed off.
Ignoring them didn’t seem to work.

Someone showed videos of Arnold groping women in Rio.
The Arnold office campaign manager ran outside, paled a bit as he
watched the videos, then scurried back inside.

CNN video’ed the video as did other media, making a weird kind of feedback loop.