CodePink calls statewide anti-Arnold protests…

CodePink calls statewide anti-Arnold protests today

From a Code Pink newsletter:

Women across the state will participate in the “Women Can Stop Schwarzenegger Statewide Day of Protest” on Friday, October 3, at 5 PM. 

CodePink and their supporters in a dozen California cities will call on the candidate to pull out of the race. Protest locations include Santa Monica and Sacramento outside both of Schwarzenegger’s Volunteer Campaign Headquarters.

Simultaneous demonstrations will also be held in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Rafael Santa Rosa, Pasadena, Orange County, Sebastopol, Berkeley and Ft Bragg. More locations are being added to the growing list of participating cities.

At several of the protest locations CodePink plans to unveil a map of California with “No Groper Zone” emblazoned on it as well as the “Top Ten Reasons Not to Vote for Schwarzenegger.”

“This pattern of abusive and humiliating behavior has spanned three decades–it is indicative of his character,” said Jodie Evans, co-founder of CodePink Women for Peace.  “He is not qualified to represent the large percentage of women in California–specifically if he does not know the difference between ‘playful’ antics and sexual battery.”

Los Angeles demo
Today, Fri Oct 3, 5 pm

Schwarzenegger Campaign Headquarters
1338 4th St (near Santa Monica)
Santa Monica