“Women say Schwarzenegger groped, humiliated…

Women say Schwarzenegger groped, humiliated them”

This story is front page LA Times, above the fold.

PoliZeros predicted this would happen, as campaigns always wait until the end to launch the really bruising attacks. Two reasons; 1) everyone is paying attention, 2) the target has less time to respond.


From the original LA Times article quoted above

Schwarzenegger’s campaign spokesman, Sean Walsh, said the candidate has not engaged in improper conduct toward women. He said such allegations are part of an escalating political attack on Schwarzenegger as the recall election approaches.

Now, no doubt faced with overwhelming evidence that he can’t lie or evade his way through, Arnold apologizes, sort of.

Arnold acknowledges `offensive’ behavior

Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized today for “behaving badly sometimes,” responding to allegations that he had touched six women sexually without their consent in incidents over the past decade, a stunning statement from the front-runner just five days before the historic recall election and on the same day news reports quoted six women who said the actor had touched them sexually without their consent.

“Offensive behavior”? If it happened today, he’d be arrested. We’re talking behavior that is far more than just “offensive.”

What a sleazy piece of shit.