“We don’t know what we’d…

“We don’t know what we’d be getting in Arnold, and Arnold has no idea what he’s in for in Sacramento.” 

So says Steve Lopez today in the LA Times 

I went to see Gray Davis on Monday at the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles, and there were items on produce carts that looked more alive than he did.

Gray Davis’s next door neighbor at the Governor’s mansion sent the recall campaign $2,0000

Charlotte Goland, 79, essentially told the New York Times that she sent the money not because Davis was a bad governor, but because he was a lousy neighbor.

“He’s a cold cookie,” she said. “Woooooo-eeeee.”

California voters are in a foul mood and want the blood of politicians. The Democrats made a monumental blunder by basing their entire strategy on Gray Davis surviving the recall. Bustamante is tepid at best, hardly exciting, and really not much different from The Gray One, hence the lack of enthusiasm for him, even from supporters.

If Arnold wins I suspect we shall see massive gridlock with accompanying monumental fireworks and battles. This is a voter revolt, no question about that, and politicians across the country will take serious notice.

Too bad the Dems didn’t have a candidate that could have appealed to voters who are in the mood for serious change, for kicking some politician butt. But they didn’t. They were (and are) asleep at the wheel…