Russia joins France, Germany in…

Russia joins France, Germany in US snub

Russia on Friday joined France and Germany in stating that Washington’s proposal for a new UN resolution on Iraq needed a lot more work.

Which is a diplomatically-phrased way of saying NO. The Bushies are getting desperate, why just a few months ago they were insulting the UN for not wholeheartedly endorsing their war. Now they’re back, saying the UN must help clean up the mess.

A Canadian politician recently said, Does the US ever apologize for anything? Were Bush to tell the UN, yes we screwed up and need help, then help might come. But instead as usual, the Bushies want it their way and their way only, with UN forces under the complete control of the US.

And it won’t happen that way. Why should any country volunteer when told they will have no control over what happens and the country who made the mess insists on remaining in charge?