Facing the truth about Iraq

Facing the truth about Iraq

From the Boston Globe:

The Bush administration’s hubristic foreign policy has been efficiently exposed as based on nothing more than hallucination. High-tech weaponry can kill unwilling human beings, but it cannot force them to embrace an unwanted idea. As rekindled North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs prove, Washington’s rhetoric of “evil” is as self-defeating as it is self-delusional. No one could have predicted a year ago that the fall from the Bush high horse of American Empire would come so hard and so quickly.

Um, the ANSWER coalition did! As did many others in the antiwar movement. And now, what just a few short months ago were considered radical ideas, are mainstream. The war is lunacy. Bush is delusional. The swift ascendancy of Howard Dean could only happen with a US public who thinks the war was a terrible mistake, and that Bush is an extremist.

So many newspapers are now printing news from unhappy / pissed off soldiers in Iraq that the trade publications are taking note:

Papers cover discontent among soldiers in Iraq

As U.S. military casualties in Iraq continue to mount, newspapers find themselves thrust into a new area of coverage: the growing discontent among soldiers who have to remain in the war-torn country, and the angry protests of some of their families back home.

Newspapers have used everything from a column by an angry spouse to the publication of an anonymous e-mail dispatch purported to be from a soldier in Iraq.

And here’s the names of US soldiers killed in Iraq this year