Blame Shriver

Blame Shriver

CalBlog, a thoughtful, intelligent Republican blog about California politics, has a fascinating piece on how the Schwarzenneger campaign is alienating their Republican base by making blunders of such magnitude that they could only have been made by advisors who know nothing about what Republicans believe.

They think the culprit is Maria Shriver.

“Since Shriver assumed a central role, the campaign has added Shriver’s picture to the campaign website, and has allowed Warren Buffet and Rob Lowe to associate themselves with the campaign.

Now I would expect the Republican operatives in the campaign to know that Republicans dislike Lowe and Buffet. These are things that Republicans just know. No one has to tell us or teach us. It’s almost assumed, like burning the flag. It’s something you just don’t do. Bringing these people on is an example of extremely poor judgment.

I doubt that Maria Shriver, a Kennedy Democrat, would have any understanding of how Republicans think, and she is likely to have a tin ear when it comes to Republican politics”