Corporate Crime Reporter

Corporate Crime Reporter

From Mike, a leftie/liberal friend

“Another untold Washington story–how 31 corporations convicted and fined millions of dollars in the last decade for criminal conduct gave millions of influential dollars to Republican and Democratic parties in 2002–has just been published by the weekly newsletter Corporate Crime Reporter

Listing the corporate donors by their federal convictions for environmental crimes, fraud or antitrust violations, the newsletter divulged that Archer Danielas Midland, an agricultural tech leader was fined $100 million for antitrust violations, gave $1.1 million to Republican campaign funds and $583,000 to the Dems.  Pfizer Inc., fined $20 million for antitrust charges gave $939,000 to the GOP, and $213,000 to the Democrats. 

The full report, “Dirty Money: Corporate Criminal Donations to the Two Major Parties,” is available in pdf.

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