Ashcroft to US Attorneys: Rat…

Ashcroft to US Attorneys: Rat out judges

“In a drive to challenge lenient judges, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft says he wants to be alerted whenever a federal judge imposes a criminal sentence that is less than called for by U.S. guidelines.

In a July 28 memo to U.S. attorneys’ offices across the nation, Ashcroft said he had a “solemn obligation” to ensure that the laws setting punishments for federal crimes were “faithfully, fairly and consistently enforced.”

Later Ashcroft cackled fiendishly, then shrieked, “any slithering maggot of a judge who doesn’t give the absolute maximum sentence to all, guilty or not, will taste my wrath because Jesus tells me what to do and my power is infinite bwa ha ha” just before being hit by a lightning bolt thrown by Satan who said even Hell couldn’t stomach an odious turd like Ashcroft.