Yes, the recall is a…

Yes, the recall is a circus. It’s also an earthquake

1.4 million California voters signed the recall petitions. Organizers not only got way more signatures than thought possible, they also got them much faster. At first, they’d hoped for 900,000 signatures by September, instead got 1.4 million by July.

This is not a right wing conspiracy, this is an uprising. Mainstream politicos in both parties have yet to grasp that what’s happening. A seriously pissed off populace, weary of corrupt craven do-nothings in high places, wants politician blood.

Democratic leadership, until today, apparently thought it would all go away and those silly voters would soon come to their senses. Now, quite possibly too late, they see they are in Deep Trouble.

Have you noticed the Bush Administration has been oddly silent on this? You’d think they’d be jumping in, going for Democratic jugular. Maybe they’re just as baffled by what is happening as their counterparts in Democratic leadership are.

When the peasants are revolting, this is not good news for the ruling class. The California recall is solid demonstration of a serious broad-based rebellion coming from the populace.