This ain’t the Summer of…

This ain’t the Summer of Love

It’s a knife fight. So get in there and fight.

End the liberal voluntary extinction movement is a most amazing rant, which I’ve briefly excerpted here. You must read the whole thing.

“The extreme right wing can’t be reasoned with. They don’t give a shit about right and wrong and whether they make any logical sense. Ann Coulter doesn’t care if she has 780 footnotes of pure bullshit. She’s selling books, getting on TV and invited to all the snotty DC cocktail parties. The fact that she is wrong and dishonest doesn’t even enter into the calculations.

These people don’t need to be scolded, or persuaded, or convinced otherwise. They need to be destroyed. They need to be removed from the debate by pointing out their lies, dishonesty and mercenary attitude towards truth. It’s not nice, it’s not pleasant and there won’t be a fucking group-hug afterwards.

These pundit punks accurately reflect the thinking, or lack thereof, of the conservatives now in power and using that power to gut the social contract, whore the United States military for Bush’s inner-circle of contractors and, in the process, kill a whole bunch of foreigners that the American people can’t even bother to give lip service to caring about.

“Constructive discourse” my ass. People are getting screwed. People are dying. And some liberals still don’t realize that this isn’t a dialectic. This is a knife fight. If Liberals can’t fight for their own survival (and if they won’t, then perhaps Liberalism deserves extinction) it would be nice if they could hold their nose and get over their prim dislike of unpleasantness and self-serving bullshit about “constructive discourse” in order to fight for other’s survival.”